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For 2015 the three-cylinder range is back with its exclusive characteristics, further refined after constant development and testing carried out by MV Agusta testers. The new models maintain their leadership in terms of style and functionality thanks to a few new details, which highlight the extreme attention to aesthetics, safety and comfort. The taillight is LED on all the models now, characterised by a brand new light diffusion system to increase passive safety and make the rear end even more attractive. On the Brutale 800 the seat has been redesigned to increase comfort, further improving the bike’s unique design.

The 2015 models can be recognised at a glance thanks in part to the brand new colour.

The in-line three-cylinder engine guarantees maximum thermodynamic efficiency through the careful study of the flows in the ducts and in the combustion chamber: efficiency which optimises consumption and reduces environmental impact with high performance at any engine rpm. The refined MVICS (Motor &Vehicle Integrated Control System) electronic management includes full Ride By Wire. The decision to develop a specific vehicle control system also allowed us to achieve excellent results in personalisation of the four riding modes (Sport, Normal, Rain and Custom). Adjustable traction control is another of the features designed to increase active safety and performance, with 8 different levels that can be selected according to the prevalent conditions and rider preferences: this constitutes an essential safeguard for use on the road, but it can also be disabled for riding in conditions where optimal grip is available. The advanced Bosch 9MP ABS with RLM (Rear Lift-Up Mitigation) comes as standard equipment throughout the entire range: compact and lightweight, alongside the traditional anti-lock features it prevents the rear wheel from lifting up, making potentially dangerous changes to the setup avoidable.

Brutale 800 RR and Dragster 800 RR
For MV Agusta the RR designated models have always represented top shelf evolution, the synthesis of performance, design and exclusivity. The Brutale 800 RR and Dragster 800 RR set new frontiers with an exceptional weight-to-power ratio for the segment and the engine capacity. To achieve this result, which allows us to take on competitors with larger capacity engines, operations were focused on the engine and the fuel system: specifically a second bank of shower injectors was placed in the filter box. These two RR bikes boast specific electronic equipment: the new MVICS 2.0 system, which optimises engine response at any rpm, adjusting output and further improving the already impressive stride of the MV Agusta three cylinder models. The EAS 2.0 quickshifter is part of the standard equipment that makes the RR bikes so exclusive: it provides electronic assistance not only in the gear selection phase but also when downshifting. It works in the Sport and Custom maps as long as the speed is above 30 kph. And it revolutionises your approach to riding. First and foremost, it optimises shifting times when riding sportily: at the same time it increases comfort if you are using the bike in the city or for touring. Last but not least, the Brutale 800 RR is even more attentive to ergonomics: the seat has been reshaped to be more comfortable, functional and attractive.

The arrival of the three-cylinder engines in the MV Agusta range has reaffirmed the brand’s technological supremacy: in fact, it has allowed us to widen the range of models on offer, as well as differentiating the available displacements and the price ranges. With this product development strategy focused on design excellence and racing-derived solutions, MV Agusta has achieved a level of commercial success that has lead to expansion throughout Europe and beyond, not to mention the fantastic victories it has taken in the Supersport World Championship. Of the many three-cylinder engine characteristics worth a mention, first and foremost are the compact engine size and extremely low weight: MV Agusta was ahead of what is now the popular trend of making vehicles ever lighter, gaining clear advantages in terms of riding dynamics. In fact, all of the threecylinder models have been voted top of the class in their respective segments by testers for major publications around the world.